About us

Our agency is a small family-run company that has been active in the region for over 50 years. Thanks to our excellent reputation the company has become a reference in the real estate business of our region. There are 5 main fields which we specialise in :

Brokerage consulting, holiday rentals, property rentals, assessments and sales promotions.

We have two offices to serve you: one in downtown Bulle, the administrative centre of Gruyère and one in Charmey, a jewel of a village in the valley of the Jogne.

Our highly competent, well-trained and dynamic team looks forward to helping you find the best property for you. We hope that our professional services will earn your confidence because your satisfaction is our main motivation.

  • Diplôme fédéral supérieur de régisseur et courtier en immeubles
  • Membre de la société fribourgeoise des régisseurs et agents immobiliers (SFR)
  • Membre de l'union suisse des professionnels de l'immobilier (USPI)
  • Membre de la chambre fribourgeoise de l'immobilier (CFI)
  • Membre de l'association des propriétaires fonciers Fribourg (APF–HEV -FR)
  • Membre de la chambre fribourgeoise du commerce, de l'industrie et des services

Why us?

  • Over 50 years experience in real estate
  • Impeccable credentials: a reference in the business
  • Professional and efficient services; our expertise
  • Extensive knowledge of the local real estate market
  • An open and friendly dialogue with our clients
  • A relationship of trust
  • A network of useful connections and client lists
  • Respect for both people and their property
  • Personalised service; our courtesy and our integrity
  • Our visibility in the marketplace
  • Advice that is both general and global
  • Full support at all times
  • Customer satisfaction

We stand by our values to

  • anticipate our clients’ needs
  • establish a climate of trust and confidence
  • respect our commitments
  • work in an ethical and responsible manner
  • honour competence and discretion
  • Your satisfaction is the key to our success !